Earn with our Affiliate Program

A great way to help others and make money at the same time! Refer others to join the VIP membership or other I4S products and earn 10% on each sale.


How does it work?

You share and you earn. Use your very own affiliate link and share on social media and other platforms. It's that simple! Get started and start earning in as little as 5 minutes. Thanks for your support!

Sharing is Caring

We encourage our members and others to share the information that they receive. It is vital that more people are educated about finance and our monetary system. We would love for you to keep sharing on social media and other platforms, but also wanted to give you an incentive. Start earning today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Once you have signed up as an affiliate your links will be available in a separate affiliate dashboard.


Payouts will be distributed once per month, if you have earned commissions. Payouts will be distributed the last day of the month, 30 days after commissions were earned. Payouts will be made via paypal.

Your affiliate links are unique to you only. Each time someone visits our site via your link, there IP address is captured and stored for 30 days. If they make a purchase within this time period you will get credit. However, if they click on someone else's affiliate link and make a purchase it could go to another affiliate. However, if this happens feel free to contact our team.


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